What Kind of Lights Do You Use in A Pole Barn?


You must be looking for better lighting solutions for your property with high ceilings, a large structure, and wide-open space. This typically means you own a pole barn, and your research for better lighting is justified.

Pole barns are huge facilities with several requirements, lighting being one of them. The absence of adequate and plentiful light in barns means a disaster.

This blog g post is your ultimate guide to the best lighting alternates. We educate you on the use of led lights for barn. Keep reading to instantly get the best solution so far.

Presenting you with a variety of LED lights for your pole barn.

LED Lights for Your Pole Barn

UFO High Bay Light Series

The best alternative to giant metal halides and high-pressure sodium lights, the UFO series is a masterpiece. Encompassing many options, this series is the perfect fit for your pole barn. The small and compact design with high-impact light is the most suitable lighting resource for places that requires a large and higher range of lighting.

They allow you the use sensors to save energy. Besides pole barn, the UFO series is also the best option for warehouses, recreational facilities, conference halls, and more.

Linear High Bay Light Series

Throw away your T5HO and T8 overhead fixtures because the new, technical, and much more advanced fixtures, the Linear High Bay Lights, are here. This LED light is the best replacement for the aforementioned lighting options. They have passed the DLC and UL certifications and are going great as illuminating solutions for pole barns, garages, conference halls, gyms, shopping aisles, and more. These linear LED lights consume less energy and thus reduce electricity costs. You can customize them as you desire and opt for dimming and sensing functions.

LED Barn Light Series

LED barn light series are the best for the pole barn’s outdoor spots. A goose-necked light facing a single side downwards is how a barn light LED look. These are soaring high in the market for their conventional and elegant vintage look.

Vapor Tight Light Series

Don’t be afraid of water damage anymore. Get the vapor-tight waterproofing LEDS for the outdoors f your pole barn. These LED lights have the IP66 waterproof rating and thus are perfect for use in a variety of facilities like garages, pole barns, war washing areas, and more.

With an exceptional profile with high-performance heat sinks and high luminous efficiency, these LED lights can have smart options like microwave sensors and emergency battery backup.


Opt. for XSY lighting and brighten up your barn pole. XSY manufactures several LED light series that can be considered the best choices for any large facility like a pole barn. The features of these LED lights reckon for their quality and skyrocketed popularity. Get your facility upgraded with our lighting options and become a lighting pro. The members from the barn around your farm are sure to ask you for a piece of reasonable advice.


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