The Best Way of Cleaning a Reusable Flat Water Bottle


People have shifted to using reusable water bottles like the flat water bottle. Such water bottles save the future cost of buying water containers. Over the past few years, the flat water bottle has been ruling the world. They are portable and can also hold enough fluid that a person might need. What most people love about these water bottles is that they come in different colors to serve other users’ tastes.

One can use the flat bottle to hold water, alcohol, milk, and other fizzy drinks. The materials used to make the bottles vary and are environmentally friendly. Flat bottles have a tight cap to ensure your drink does not spill. In addition, some types of water bottles come with a holding strap so that it’s easier for the user to carry around.

The Process of Cleaning a Reusable Flat Water Bottle

The hassle of using reusable flat water bottles is the cleaning. That becomes an issue when you use such bottles to hold fluids like milk or alcohol. One needs to clean it so the smell of alcohol or milk residue disappears. What you will love about flat bottles is that you can use a dishwasher. That implies that they are totally dishwasher safe. The process of cleaning is easy. It’s something you can do daily effortlessly. Here is a step-by-step procedure to ensure that a flat bottle stays in excellent condition.

1. Gather the requirement

One requires water, vinegar, dishwashing soap, and a dishwasher to clean a flat water bottle.

2. Mixing the requirement

The first phase involves mixing the vinegar with the water. You can use warm or cold water. With 1 cup of water, add a quarter cup of vinegar. The constitute should balance in this proportion to get the perfect results.

3. Adding to the bottle

Add the mixture to your flat water bottle and close the bottle’s lid. Shake the mixture thoroughly to remove all the residue in the bottle’s corners.

4. Letting it settle

After shaking, put the bottle and its contents in a secure place and let it soak overnight. The lid of the bottle should be tight and the bottle kept at room temperature. That is necessary as it allows the mixture to remove harsh residue and stains in the bottle. It simply aids in deep cleaning of the flat water bottle.

5. Rinsing the bottle

After overnight soaking, the bottle is ready for the final phase. Use warm water and add dishwashing soap. Pour the vinegar water and use soap water to clean. One can use a dishwasher if the bottle’s top opening is big enough. Rinse the bottle with clean running water, and your bottle is all set for a refill.

6. Protips

  • Use a brush to clean the lid
  • Remove the bottle’s lanyard, if any, and clean it separately
  • Remove the cap when storing the flat water bottle


Nothing feels good like having the power to choose reusable flat water bottles of your favorite color. With a flat bottle of your choice, proper cleaning is essential to ensure that you have a fresh drink after every refill.


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