Pressure Washer Fun Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Life Exciting!


Are you tired of your life? Is there nothing that excites you anymore, and you sit on the couch watching TV and eating snacks all day? We have some great ideas that will change your life if so. If not, maybe these tips and tricks will give you some new ideas on making your pressure washer experience even better!!!

How about making it snow at home? Just hook up a tank filled with Nitrogen instead of water. It’s fun, but this is NOT for indoor use! A pressure washer pump takes the water from your garden hose and multiplies the pressure. This increased pressure allows you to clean surfaces more quickly and easily.

What about turning it into a blast cabinet?

Please take out the soap dispenser and spray gun and replace them with a piece of plywood with holes to allow for airflow, cover one side with chicken wire and attach a hose to the bottom hole. Experiment with different objects and air pressure to find out what works best for you!

How about making an outdoor shower?

Make sure everything is sanded down before doing this, but take apart your pressure washer and place it on its side so that the soap intake is now acting as a water faucet. Attach a garden hose to the soap dispenser, and voila!!! A lovely outdoor shower!!

What about making your car wash?

Take apart your soap dispenser, remove the spray gun nozzle filter cap, replace it with either sandpaper or scrubbing brushes (even old toothbrushes can create magical effects), then use high-pressure washer water to clean your car without getting any scratches!

What about water blasting the weeds in your yard?

Instead of using herbicides to kill them, attach a short high-pressure washer nozzle at the end of your hose, and don’t use any soap. Aim straight down so that you blast up under the leaves, which will kill both the top and bottom of the weed, making it shrivel up and die within 24 hours!!!

How about rejuvenating your garden soil by adding oxygen to it?

Take apart your spray gun, but keep everything together in order. Attach undersized plywood with an air tube running through it to convert one side into an injection point for air caught via a filter. Then take off all four wheels from your pressure washer, flip it upside down on its front wheels and turn the water intake air intake on.

Lean it back against something high so that you can create a vertical plane for added pressure. Take your spray gun off the soap dispenser, place it back in its original position, run your hose out of the bottom hole near where you used to attach the spray gun nozzle filter cap, and fire away!!!

How about cleaning paint marks off of walls?

Use soap this time but not too much. Set air pressure somewhere between 40-60 PSI depending on how thick the paint mark is. Then aim straight down into a garbage bag or plastic tub! You can even use this technique to strip wallpaper from walls!! How cool is that?!

What about making a quick sandblaster?

Just take your pressure washer and attach a piece of plywood at the bottom with holes so that air can enter, and another one is on top with cotton or a chemical filter. Take off all four wheels and place your pressure washer upside down so that the intake point becomes an exit/air injection point!!! Attach the high-pressure hose to the output hole with a spray gun attached to the soap source eh voila!


These are just a few of the million uses for your pressure washer. We recommend getting several spray guns to play around with. Get creative!! It’s great fun!!!


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