Maintenance Tips: 3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Wig Collections Soft


What else looks good on a woman like a soft, shiny human hair wig from bundles with closure?

Besides buying that human hair wig, you also need to maintain it by keeping it in good condition. Keeping your wig in good condition makes it appealing.

Additionally, you can wear it time and again without feeling embarrassed.

However, after some time, your wig often turns shabby and dry. This results from prolonged use.

When your wig starts turning old, it’s not time to panic; you can bring it back to life in a few steps.

Before we dive into the article’s body, let’s first see what makes human hair dry out.

Why Human Hair Wig Collections Dries Out

If you’re a frequent user of natural human hair, you’re familiar with the problem of drying out.

Of course, natural hair has a regular supply of oil by the name of sebum produced by the scalp. On the other hand, your wig has no supply of this oil, hence why it dries out.

As such, your wig tends to dry out if you don’t maintain it well. However, there are other factors that make your wig dry out apart from lack of oil.

These factors include;

  • Water with Chlorine
  • Continued exposure to the Sun.
  • Hard water
  • Seawater

Let’s now see the steps to keep your wig collections soft.

3 Ways to Keep Your Human Hair Wig Collection Soft

You must take care of your wig if you want it to stay soft. Therefore, if your human hair wig starts being unusually stronger, worry not!

These three steps help you keep human hair wig soft;

1. Pre-wash Your Wig

Do you know that giving your human hair wig enough nourishment is necessary?

You need to prewash your wig using natural oil and give it an appealing look. Besides, it makes sense to begin restoring your weave with a conditioning treatment.

Also, make sure your human hair wig is clean before you apply a conditioner. Examples of conditioner oils that you can use include;

  • Coconut oil,
  • Moroccan oil
  • Grape-seed oil
  • Copra oil.

2. Apply a Shampoo

After pre-washing, the next step is applying shampoo. Further, the shampoo works well to rinse the oil you used during the pre-wash.

Therefore, apply a shampoo keenly around the wig. Do it keenly to prevent the human hair wig from tangling.

Use warm water between 20 to 25 degrees for better care of your wig.

3. Moisturize Your Wig

The third and last step to keep your human hair wig soft is using a moisturizer. Thus, after you rinse the shampoo, it’s time to apply a moisturizing conditioner.

So, ensure you cover your wig thoroughly using a human hair wig conditioner.

While applying the moisturizer, begin from the front of the wig, going towards the tips. Besides, pay more attention to the tips and napes of your wig when applying the conditioner.


There you go; the three steps above will keep your human hair wig soft and in good condition.

If your wig starts turning old, follow these steps, and you won’t regret it.

Keep your wig on point; it’s your outermost identity!


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