Is SuperBox S1 Any Good?


SuperBox S1 is the latest talk of the town, and for all good reasons. The special TV box comes with an excess of fresh new features combined with its unique design and great functionality to make it the hot deal for TV users. If you are into its tech features, you will buy it for its optimized user interface and updated android version. If you are an entertainment lover, you would love its video on demand (VOD) and 6K display. This article will discuss in detail the performance, design, setup, functions, and overall product features to give you an honest review of whether or not superbox s1 is any good.

SuperBox S1: What is it?

With a SuperBox logo flaunting on its top, your blue and red theme box comes in an hev-like design, but it is pleasing to the eye. In it, you get a remote control which feels pretty nice. You also get an HDMI cable and a power adapter. Lastly, there’s an antenna if you want to use Wi-Fi. Looking closer at the super box, you can see it’s not very large, about four inches in most directions.

It’s made out of primarily shiny plastic. On the back, you get the Wi-Fi antenna screw post, an audio-video port, an HDMI port, an ethernet port, and the power port. On the side, you can see you get a Micro SD card slot, USB 3 Port, USB 2 port, and a reset button. The remote takes two AAA batteries, so we plug the cables into the holes and then fire it up while we wait for it to boot up.

What Does Superbox S1 Offer?

It runs on Android 7. Has a quad-core processor. Two gigs of RAM. Sixteen gigabytes of internal storage. It supports h.265 Dual Band Wi-Fi of the AC variety and will support 6K. Interestingly, it only has a 100 megabit per second ethernet port, which is enough speed to handle what you’ll need. Talking about the display quality, the SuperBox S1 promises a 6K, 60fps HD video output, and the overall TV box comes with a 12-month warranty period.

Design & Functions

  • The intelligent and sleek body of SuperBox S1 is made of plastic, but it gives industrial solid metallic looks. The product’s build quality guarantees durability, strength, and endurance. You won’t have to worry all the time about your TV box falling or facing breakages.
  • The setup is pretty straightforward, and you can set your SuperBox up and start streaming simply by following the steps in the user manual. Its playback features allow you to revisit your favorite episodes and movie scenes after a while.
  • Overall, the device is pretty much user-friendly, and its interactive user interface enhances the user experience. In short, it is worth every bit of your money.


SuperBox S1 has hit the market and taken over it with an improved design and more promising features with a craze that is all justified. Combining an advanced user interface with excellent speed performance and impressive VOD features, SuperBox S1 is sure to add value to the entertainment set up at your place.


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