Huawei’s Best Smartphones that Can Work as Computers


Computers need high-end processors that a smartphone might not exactly match. But have you ever come across a phone and wondered why there are laptops when such phones can do everything a laptop does? If you haven’t, stay put, you are about to read a lot here.

So apart from computers’ power processors, anyone can be worried about a smartphone’s flexibility to be used as a desktop. But with the thousands of innovative phone mounts, anything is possible. The key factor would have been connecting the smartphone to a keyboard and a mouse which is also well handled.

If you’re in a tight spot where you’d need a computer, here are some smartphones that will provide the same services like the computer.

Smartphones that Can Replace Computers: HUAWEI’S Best

Some top phone manufacturing brands have just proved you don’t need your laptop always to work on some job-related emergencies. Huawei’s mate 10, Koupit nova 9, and several other Samsung series phones are just but a few powerful and intelligent phones. For instance, the most recent one on the list is Huawei’s kept nova 9. Here are some of its specs in comparison to a laptop’s features.

Huawei nova 9 vs. laptop

So despite the small screen size of the phone compared to any laptop or mini laptop, you can still do the following:

Are you a project manager and forgot to submit your week’s checklist for the site workers? With Huawei nova 9 you can project the file seamlessly from your phone to any closest screen and complete it using the phone as the keyboard.

If you were to use the smartphone and the laptop simultaneously, chances are high that the laptop will lose power much faster than the phone. So imagine you are in an area without a grid connection and happen to be working on an urgent task. Once the laptop’s battery is out, you will definitely use your phone to complete the project.

With Huawei boarding their latest smartphones with new developing technologies, it is much easier to connect the phone to a monitor and use it as a pc.

The same features apply for different phones, including;

Huawei Mate 10

It comes packaged with a PC mode and uses a single cable for the monitor connection. If you are wondering about the mouse and the keyboard, these ones connect to the phone wirelessly, so nothing is standing back for the phone to work as a pc.

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 30 series are also not an exception from the desktop mode. Apart from Samsung’s dex for Samsung phones, Huawei has also made it easier for their latest phones to connect wirelessly to any larger display.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to easy projection on your phone through settings and device connectivity
  • Once you activate wireless projection, be patient as the phone searches for a device
  • In your list of displays, select a screen of your choice and accept the connection request on the large screen
  • Once connected, your Huawei phone will prompt you on whether you want a desktop or phone mode. Select desktop and you can use your phone as a computer.

You should visit Huawei for more of their products and acute latest info on their new services. Some of these phones are also sold there at unbelievably lowest prices, packaged with different gifts.


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