Grandfalls Pressure Washer Nozzle: How to Choose and Ensure It Works Right


A weird but practical way to illustrate how a nozzle works is to imagine how you used to block the tip of a garden hose with a thumb to reach the furthest plant. When removing dirt from a surface, maybe on the driveway or a wooden deck, you must fix the correct nozzle. Grandfalls Pressure washer comes with different modes of nozzles for various tasks. It is one of the most versatile pressure washers you will come across, and you’ll love it. But how do you go about the selection process?

How to choose the right Grandfalls pressure washer nozzle to ensure it works

No one is willing to compromise on the standards of cleanliness at home. It should be top-notch to create the best impression. To achieve the best results, the nozzle in a pressure washer restricts water flow from the hose. That increases the velocity, thus making a force that determines the cleaning power. Following these tips, you will discretely choose the proper nozzle.

Understand the different types of nozzles

The Grandfalls pressure washer has a four-mode nozzle, each emitting pressure according to size. The red nozzle tip helps clean harsh surfaces like concrete because it is thin and produces the highest pressure. The yellow nozzle tip works better to remove mud from cars or prepare surfaces for painting.

Learn more on color code

Besides the red and yellow nozzles, there are two more. The green nozzle tip is the most used in cleaning driveways, cars, and furniture as it is gentle and covers a broader area at a time. A white nozzle tip is ideal for fragile surfaces like windows because it produces low pressure. Then lastly, the blacktip is suitable for applying soap.

Pick the perfect nozzle

If it is your first time using a pressure washer, you must identify the surface type to determine the correct nozzle. If it is still hard for you, hold the hose at a distance and keep adjusting as you get closer to the surface. You’ll also realize that the manual has a lot of information to guide you, so guesswork is unnecessary. For instance, some nozzles generate water pressure at Zero degrees, 15 degrees, 45 degrees, and so on.

Take great care of the nozzles

Since this is one of the critical parts of a pressure washer, you should watch its maintenance. It is the only way to ensure that it serves you for a more extended period and is perfect. Sometimes debris may block a nozzle, but you can use a pin to remove any dirt from the tip. Continuous usage of the pressure washer may lead to wearing out of the tips. Although it may take a while longer, you will have to replace the nozzle one day.

The nozzle determines the glamor

As much as the PSI and the GPM are essential features to consider when purchasing a Grandfalls pressure washer, the proper nozzle greatly influences cleanliness levels. Keenly look at the nozzle type and weigh its performance or role based on the task you intend to execute.


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