Differences between conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes


There is no doubt that vaping and smoking are not the same thing. Although the habit of inhaling is very similar, the truth is that the big difference is in what you are inhaling, since e-cigarettes such as caliburns, are a totally different alternative.

The e-cigarette market is evolving very fast so surely as you are reading this, there are new models or will have new features to make vaping a better experience.

E-cigarettes are still being studied by many researchers, especially those who are dedicated to studying all possible alternatives to use them as a method to quit smoking conventional cigarettes.

The substance you inhale

The main difference between regular and electronic cigarettes is the substance that is inhaled. Regular cigarettes produce smoke, due to the combustion of tobacco together with other additives, among them, the paper that wraps the nicotine.

On the other hand, when using the electronic cigarette you are inhaling vapor, not smoke, so there is no combustion as such, but a nicotine-free vapor.

Vapor is not carcinogenic, tobacco smoke is.

As we have indicated before, smoking is totally different from vaping because of the substance that is inhaled. It is already proven that nicotine is an addictive substance and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of chemicals, nicotine being the most prominent, so there are many risks when using regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, use liquids that do not contain any of these tobacco components in their formula, and also have ingredients supervised by the most important health entities.

Throat sensation

Since smoking involves the use of regular cigarettes and the inhalation of tobacco smoke, the sensation in the throat is much more uncomfortable, which can even cause a lot of coughing.

With electronic cigarettes, there is also a sensation in the throat, but since it is used with a less toxic substance, it is not bothersome. Even with the different flavors and smells, it is possible to use vaping as a way to get away from smoking, in a much healthier and progressive way.

Combustion vs. Evaporation

What you inhale when using an electronic cigarette is vapor, when vaping like a normal cigarette, you are inhaling smoke. Undoubtedly this is the main difference.

Surely you know all the toxins that nicotine contains and the level of addiction it can create, so it is important that you know the composition of the liquid or e-liquid used in e-cigarettes.

This vapor is obtained after the evaporation of the liquid. This process is much healthier than combustion in conventional cigarettes because the components of the e-liquid are 90% less harmful than tobacco.

Despite this, you should know that many e-cigarettes contain liquids with nicotine, especially for those who want to give up conventional cigarettes gradually, or simply want to avoid the bad smell on their hands.

E-cigarettes are much less harmful than regular cigarettes, so considering buying these devices is an excellent option to start the process of quitting tobacco smoking, since we know that it is a very difficult habit to eliminate.




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